10 Cool Website Redesign Concepts

Only a select few are given that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on a high-profile redesign. In fact, the vast majority will never be given that chance – at least not officially.

This doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t have some cool ideas about how popular websites like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and other big-name sites should look. That’s why a lot of web designers take on conceptual redesigns of popular websites as personal web projects. They aren’t constrained by a client spec when working on projects like these, which means they’re free to innovate and take risks.

Today, we’ve rounded up 10 awesome redesign concepts for high-profile websites to inspire you to take on your own unique concept designs. Enjoy reading and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and co-workers!



The Adobe website is already well-designed as it is, but this concept layout would be a great update. The header redesign is the most stunning part of this concept, with an understated content slider and space for the most popular downloads such as Adobe Reader, Flash Player, and Air.




To say that the current Time.gov website is up-to-date would be the biggest understatement of the century. This awesome redesign concept of the website would make a tremendous improvement; bringing the site firmly into the present. It has a simple and minimalist design with subtle color scheme, attractive map, and greatly enhanced typography.




This redesign concept of Mint’s website is a big deviation from the original. The most significant change is that they’ve done away with the classic green color scheme, instead of going for a dark blue. This concept is more visually striking, with less negative space.




This Amazon website redesign concept by Maurice Kindermann features a fantastic bold blue header and dark yellow accents. The review slider is a really nice touch. The article itself explains a lot of the reasoning behind the design choices made.



This Hewlett-Packard concept website has a clean layout that’s more elegant than the current website, with sections split up based on industry and business size. The gray and blue color scheme perfectly fits with the brand, and the content slider showcases products better than the current site does.



This Subaru redesign concept from Dennis Ventrello has a cleaner, more modern design compared to the original website. The large image background is a sight to behold, while the white background behind the main content is simple and well-done.




This simple Facebook newsfeed redesign concept makes great use of available screen space. The simplified logo and rearrangement of the notifications area is a big improvement, as well as the changes to the left-hand sidebar.




Vladimir Kudinov’s IMDb film page concept is a really nice take on the standard film page. It’s much more visually appealing than the original site, with a grid-style photo and video thumbnails, as well as links to purchase the films or watch online. The gray and blue color scheme is also a welcome addition.




This YouTube website redesign concept is a cleaner, grid-based layout. It adds a trending section inspired by Twitter, letting you see what’s hot right now. There are larger video thumbnails, as well as typographic improvements.




This unique Google redesign concept keeps the basic page layout, but goes in a completely different direction graphically compared to the current Google homepage. Would Google ever go for a redesign like this? Probably not. Should they? We really think so!

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